Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is a Big Planet

create your own visited countries map


Mark and Lisa said...

We've have been living vicariously through everyone's red-colored maps in recent days, MacBeth, but inquiring minds just want to know the details of the European travels that are so hard for us to see on the small map... UK (surely including Scotland?), France, Italy... are we missing anything?

MacBeth said...

Oh...I wish, Lisa. We were in England for a wedding, and didn't have much time. We toured the south. It was wonderful, but I do want to see Scotland when I get back over there. As for the continent, I chaparoned Libby's orchestra on tour in Italy and France. We did buzz through Monaco, but that's it.

There is so much more to see! Don's s-i-l is from Liechtenstein, and the kids have been clamoring to go when their cousins visit their Oma. The Archbishop of Vaduz is, their cousin!

Mark and Lisa said...

Well, now that you have less than a handful of states to color in, you'll have to start planning (and saving for) your visits to all of the places in Europe and the rest of the world. And visiting with cousins who are cousins of an Archbishop sounds like a pretty cool place to start!