Saturday, December 15, 2007

How Paul Learned to Stop Worrying and Love...

...the Bones.

Dino bones, that is. Due to a traumatic museum visit in childhood, Paul has had an irrational fear of dino bones for quite a while. This has precluded him from several visits to the dino halls at the AMNH. When we got to amazing Thermopolis Wyoming, he almost refused to go into the museum. But I bribed him, offering him a gift from the gift shop afterwards.

We eased him into the Jurassic by gently leading him through the Ediacaran into the early Cambrian displays. All seemed well, until he realized there were skeletons of long-dead dinos just on the other side of one wall. Up to this point, I thought this was a bit much--a show put on for mom and dad, with little real fear.

To my surprise, Paul broke into a cold sweat...sort of like I do in
hospitals. Poor kid! I let him hold my hand. It took a bit of coaxing, with smaller skeletons first, and later, the larger members of the reptile group...finally, dinos! He did it, and he liked them! No longer chained by irrational fear, he had a great time...

Pterodactyl? That's not a dinosaur! No worries!

Hey, he's kind of cute!

I'll take this one.

But he still chose an item from the gift shop! (chocolate rocks).

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Alice Gunther said...

Great post, great post title, great pictures.

I love this window into your world!