Friday, December 7, 2007

Autumn Hiking

No one can resist a bright yellow trail in November, and this was a perfect day! We hiked a favorite trail, crossed under the "dragon bridge" while Annika showered us from atop the bridge with golden maple leaves. It was chilly, but we were warm with several layers of clothes for insulation. The hike is a quick 3/4 mile loop--just long enough to enjoy the scene, but short enough so that the youngest children don't get cranky. Because this is a loop, we never retrace our steps. Today, we added a brief detour to the beach, and could see the shores of Westchester County and Connecticut just north of us.

The nature of a hike is such that you never know, even if you have hiked a hundred times, what you are going to see. A special spot always reveals something new to us. This time, we saw a rainbow in the sky above us. It was a good thing that we looked up, or we might have missed it! And despite the chilly weather, there were sailboats on the sound. A few photos later, and we were on our way back tot he car. Total time out of our day? 2 fact, 2 hours out of a week is not too much for a bit of nature in the great outdoors, is it?

Did you get out this week?

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