Monday, September 24, 2007


There are few more amusing pastimes than reading roadsigns as one drives along. The only thing better is having an 11 year old in the car who reads them aloud. We saw this lovely sign (left) in DeSmet, thanks to the Pork Board.

Paul, as usual, was tired of riding, and thinking more and more about ice cream. It became a bit of a joke. Everything, especially the pork sign, reminded him of ice cream. Don and I were too amused to give in right away. We wanted to see if he would forget, or just how long he could keep nagging us.We held out for three days--an eternity to Paul who was becoming more and more irritable. Mind you, we were feeding him, and we had an assortment of healthy snacks in the car for the road. But he wanted ice cream.

Don and I, of course, could hold out; we had the money, and we were driving. Trip and Annika were about to jump out of the car to get away from the boy-who-cried-ice-cream. Imagine our delight in finding this sign in an elevator as the doors closed. Not sure which photo more accurately captured the moment, so here are both.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh poor kid!!! YOu are such a delight MacBeth!


MacBeth Derham said...

Thanks Molly! ;)

And for the record, he did get his ice cream...eventually.

Donna said...

Awesome post, MacBeth! Love reading your blog!