Thursday, September 13, 2007

Little Derhams on the Prairie

Nellie's Cafe? Olsen's Mercantile? Little House Museum? Where could we be now? We're on the banks of Plum Creek!

Walnut Grove, of Little House on the TV fame, is a very sleepy little town, fueled by soy diesel and E85. These alternative fuels are clearly marked on the pumps, but with prices well below the going rate for regular unleaded, Don was a bit tempted. Fortunately, he checked the manual before filling up! We just looked on with envy as farmers pulled up in flexible-fuel-worthy vehicles and paid smaller bills.

I promised a young friend that I would, should we head out to Little House country, get a photo of T wearing a bonnet. This photo was as close as he would let that come to pass. P seemed to find it more amusing than T, who had to be bribed.

The museum is small, but quite nice. It features records and photos of the pioneer families that settled here, as well as an assortment of TV memorabilia. In fact, there was an episode on the screen in one room.

There are several out-buildings at the museum, including a chapel with a pump organ. Warning: If you want to get anywhere, do not put a musical instrument in front of a Derham kid. The sign "Hands ON" is quite an invitation, and no one could resist. Suddenly, the little church filled with the sounds of a certain John Williams theme, followed by Buffalo Gals (sheet music provided), and, finally, Amazing Grace. I had to yank them out of the church and pull them into the next area. More Walnut Grove photos are posted here.


Spinneretta said...

At least they can PLAY the instrument ;) I bet it sounded good to the people there!
Which John Williams theme? Star Wars?

MacBeth Derham said...

With Paul, it's always Star Wars...;)

Alice Gunther said...

This is too hysterically funny!

What a great time in Walnut Grove! I am sorrier than ever that we did not meet you there. It would have been so much fun.

The two boys are such sports--that picture is hilarious!

Diane said...

We didn't make it to Walnut Grove, but we did spend a wonderful night in DeSmet. You've inspired me to put together a post about it...someday.

Love the photos! What a journey you made.

Mary Ellen Barrett said...

I can just picture Paul on an old pipe organ pumping out Star Wars. Hilarious!