Thursday, December 30, 2010

Most Fun Christmas Gift This Year

For the kid who has everything plugged into her computer? This was just perfect. It's a tiny fish tank (think betta, goldfish or maybe one neon tetra...) that is powered by a USB connection. I think it is best not used when connected to a laptop (which might be moved without a thought for the tank), but for a desktop computer, this accessory is perfect. It even has lights and special nature sounds, as well as a pencil holder, clock and alarm. Here is Annika's short video of the tank, with Vladimir the fish on display.

Oh, when Annika opened this gift, she exclaimed that finally she would have a pet. What she failed to recall at that moment is that every pet we get seems to cling to her as "master" no matter for whom the pet was intended. I suppose it was about time we got her a pet of her own.

Merry Christmas!!

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