Monday, April 27, 2009

Taking Bets on Notre Dame (Re: Laetare) that Mary Ann Glendon has graciously declined the Laetare Medal, to whom will Fr. Jenkins turn? NRO 's guess is Biden; The Curt Jester reluctantly mentions Kmiec, with tongue firmly in cheek, I imagine. Well, either of those would show us...right?

Anyone else care to speculate?


Maureen said...

Caroline Kennedy?

Really, they just shouldn't give it this year. Period.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for that link, MacBeth. I have rarely read such a gracious letter in my life, and her points were so calmly and thoughtfully made that there is really no answer to her. What a woman! (I looked her up to see more about her and see what people say - she's a self-proclaimed "pro-life feminist." May her numbers become legion.)