Friday, January 16, 2009

There's No Crying in Cursive

Just a thought on cursive handwriting. You could impose it on the reluctant 9 year old boy, with dismal results. You could make that 9 year old write row after row of poorly shaped letters while he (and you) holds back the tears of frustration; and you could do this day after day.

Or, you could forget it until he's 12 or 13, enduring the comments made over and over by well-meaning grandmothers who know other children who write in cursive by now. Then, at nearly 13, you can hand him a cursive template, and watch him get it in an afternoon. And just try to get him to move on to another subject. Just try.

Your choice, if you homeschool.

ETA: Paul's choice for first copywork in cursive? The Yak by Hilaire Belloc!


Alice Gunther said...

I am standing around the computer with Bernadette, Allie, and Mary, and we all want to know:

Who is that guy on the rock????????

Laura A said...

That's one that goes in my "If I had it to do over again category, too." Even for a girl.

MacBeth Derham said...

>>>>Who is that guy on the rock??

That's my friend Art deClip. ;)

Alice Gunther said...


We clicked on it expecting Trip or Paul!