Friday, September 12, 2008

Updates...what a Week!

Actually, I was just too lazy to post much.

Let's see. Trip completes his first full week of 11th grade this week, and we met his teachers on Tuesday night. They all seem like good guys, and two, his German and English teachers, he has had before. On a funny note, I was sitting next to a friend during the beginning of P-T night, and we compared the schedules our dear sons had written out for us. Their hand writing was remarkably the same. "Oh, did you use Seton?" she asked. "No. We used nothing." The story of how Trip learned to read and write is still shrouded in mystery.

Annika auditioned for The Tempest at Trip's school and was cast in the ensemble. That's exciting! The directors are the best, and all the school productions are over-the-top and lavishly set. Of course, she is thrilled. We are too! Tickets will be available to the public, and are usually around $5, so bring the family to see The Tempest!! I'll post the dates as soon as I know them.

Paul has spent a good deal of time over the past couple of weeks making sling shots. Inspired by the weapons for sale at the Scottish Games, he imitated the design and added his own touch, experimenting with different woods--walnut, apple, maple--to see which make the best sling-shots. I forgot to tell him that when working with the walnut wood, it is best to leave the bark on, as the juices will stain hands and clothing. He found that out for himself, in the end. He then gave a few of his creations to his friends. Nice, Paul!

Libby has settled into college life. She loves her classes, except the ethics class where the professor expects the students to put aside their personal religious views and evaluate their readings without any faith-informed bias. Even the more liberal students in the class are complaining, and the professor is getting huffy, as Libby put it. The students are planning some kind of insurrection. Frankly, I think the class would be way more interesting and valuable if the answers were faith-informed. That way, the students would get a variety of viewpoints, rather than a bland, homogenized and drearily meaningless "ethical" outlook. The class is well-balanced enough between liberal and conservative students (who are all friends) to provide a wonderful opportunity for debate and discussion. Unfortunately, it sounds as though all will be squelched.

My mother is on her way to Alaska. I hope she takes pictures. She says "hi" to everyone.

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