Tuesday, January 1, 2008

(Mostly) Done!

All Libby's college apps are out! I only have two more packets of supplemental materials (transcripts, curriculm outlines, Libby's music CV, sealed recommendations...) to send out. They are ready to print or already in envelopes, so it won't take long, except for two items: A DVD of Libby playing Brahms (recorded and ready to transfer), and an essay for one college written by "The Homeschool Supervisor" (ahem), which I am calling my Manifesto. "Please tell us why homeschooling was chosen for this student, and explain your homeschooling philosophy." And the space provided? 5 lines. Handwritten. I figure if I need to go on, I can expound in the margins all around the paper, and look like a real lunatic.

Erm...Maybe not. If pictures are worth a thousand words, I could just glue this in the space and call it my "philosophy":


janette said...

LOL That's great, MacBeth! :) I *love* the pic.

Alice Gunther said...

ROFL. Perfect.

Can I borrow it when the time comes?